46 Of The Best Christian Women Blogs in 2022

best christian blogs

It goes without saying, but I absolutely wholeheartedly LOVE blogging. I’ve honestly been blogging ever since I first used a computer. I have used various journaling sites in my early internet years, writing letters in school (yes, the kind you fold all cool and pass off to your friends in the hallways), journaled, and I still journal (well, I am slowly getting back into it!)

Before this blog became a reality from a vision, I knew that I longed to connect with other Christian moms and Christian women in general!

So, I set out to search for some Christian women blogs, and let me tell you, did I ever hit the jackpot! I cut a lot of toxic things from my life and one thing I am trying to be more conscious of is the things I read, the people I surround myself with offline and online.

It was really important to me to find encouraging women that share the same or similar values as I do. How empowering to know that we are not alone?! I encourage you to read through this list and be encouraged and inspired because I know I sure am!

Here are some of the BEST Christian women blogs that you need in your life right now! You will most definitely want to refer back to this page, so bookmark and save it now so you don’t forget!

1. She Is A Message

Daeyna’s blog, She Is A Message is perfect for the imperfect Christian woman who’s trying her best to live a life pleasing to God. You’ll find information to help you have Godly relationships, grow in faith and grace, find hope and encouragement when you need it and information to help you live a purposeful, Christian life.

Check out her article on What To Do When It All Feels Like Too Much, and follow her on Facebook!

2. Mindy Jones Blog

Mindy from Mindy Jones Blog has a true go-to Christian mom blog for sure! Her mission is to help guide women in becoming more intentional in their faith, family, and home with practical tips, encouragement, and authenticity.

Check out her 6 Easy Steps To Create Family Bible Time Every Day!

You can follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

3. Megan Allen Ministries

Megan’s blog is all about bible study. Find printable study guides and worksheets, bible study tips and methods, and lots of other great resources! Her blog is filled with encouragement for women!

Check out her Inductive Bible Study Method and follow her on Facebook!

4. Elizabeth Ross Writes

Elizabeth blogs at Elizabeth Ross Writes and her blog is a space where she shares beauty and truth in areas of spiritual formation, ethics, and ordinary life with her readers around the world!

Check out her article on What Is Religious Trauma? and follow her on Instagram!

5. Chasing Vibrance

Katie from Chasing Vibrance encourages millennial moms to find joy and purpose in the everyday moments of their life! Whether they need a reminder that they don’t suck as a mom, a tried and true recipe, or help to grow their faith—they quickly find they have come to the right spot!

Check out her Vibrant Mom Starter Guide and follow her on Instagram, and Pinterest!

6. A Child Shall Lead Them

Arrica’s blog, A Child Shall Lead Them, is a place for moms to find humor, joy, and purpose in motherhood. She encourages and inspires women to put Jesus at the center and raise godly children!

Check out her FREE resource for family worship at home and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

7. Restore Amor

Restore Amor is a marriage blog created by Meghan who has a powerful story to share. Her blog was designed for Christian women who have been affected by infidelity or have had hardships in their relationships and want to improve their marriages and grow in Christ.

Check out the coaching sessions that she provides for women and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

8. A Virtuous Woman

Melissa blogs at A Virtuous Woman and she helps women find freedom from perfection and the confidence to live with purpose through the practical and spiritual application of Proverbs 31.

Check out the 10 Virtues of the Proverbs 31 Woman and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

9. Hey Creative Sister!

Lillian’s blog, Hey Creative Sister, helps Christian women grow in their faith with creative resources that combine their faith and creativity.

Check out her 5 Day Creative Challenge and Study on Love and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

10. Worth Beyond Rubies

Diane from Worth Beyond Rubies helps women who want to deepen their faith and learn more about the Bible, especially about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. She has topics on her blog like: Messianic Judaism, Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Growth, and more!

Check out her article Who Are The Pharisees Today and follow her on Facebook, Instagram!

11. Chicken Scratch Diaries

Brandi’s blog, Chicken Scratch Diaries, is a blog that encourages Christian moms in their faith, in homemaking and in raising their kids to know and follow Jesus.

Check out her Intentional Parent Reset and follow her on Pinterest and Facebook!

12. Bible Verses For You

Natalie blogs at Bible Verses For You to help women grow stronger in their spiritual growth and draw closer to the Lord by sharing the best Bible resources, Bible studies, prayer journals, and more!

Check out her 15 Minute Bible Reading Plan and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

13. Pricelessly Imperfect

Ashley from Pricelessly Imperfect blogs about biblical womanhood, and how our relationships are impacted by our womanhood.

Check out her article on 5 Misconceptions About Biblical Femininity and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

14. Winter Blessings

Karisa from Winter Blessings helps moms and women grow their faith in Christ and start to build their homes around the Lord through topical articles, prayer, and weekly encouragement.

Check out her article on Bible Verses for a Christ-Centered Marriage and follow her Pinterest!

15. Loving Christ Ministries

Julie at Loving Christ Ministries creates resources for Christian women’s retreats, meetings, and Bible studies!

Check out her Retreat Starter Guide and follow her on Facebook, and Instagram!

16. Active Outdoor Women

Sharon blogs at Active Outdoor Women, a community of Christian women who love being outdoors and love being active. Her article themes include adventure, discipleship, and community.

Check out her article What The Bible Says About Creation, and follow her on Facebook!

17. Relatable Faith

Caslin from Relatable Faith created a space where Christians can come and see that it is okay to not be perfect, okay to not know all the stories of the Bible, and okay to be on a constant journey of deepening your faith in Christ!

Check out her inspirational article, Mama You Were Made For This! Follow her on Instagram and Youtube!

18. Just Homemaking

Jenna and Suzanne founded the blog Just Homemaking, where their goal is to encourage Christian moms to create a thriving home from the inside out! They strongly believe that when we honor God through biblical homemaking, it changes and affects us as moms from the inside out. They have 4 total contributors that make it run smoothly!

Check out their Verse of the Week Printable and follow them on Facebook and Pinterest!

best christian blogs

19. Blessed Homeschool

Sara blogs at Blessed Homeschool where she offers encouragement, tips and more to homeschool moms.

Check out her Homeschool Prayer and follow her on Pinterest, and Instagram!

20. Alive-Leigh Journey

LeighAnne blogs at Alive-Leigh Journey where she blogs about Christian living topics, from seasonal things like preparing for Easter to examining spiritual gifts. She always tries to cite applicable Scripture passages to show how God’s word applies to and guides our lives.

Check out her article on Betrayal and Trust and follow her on Twitter!

21. Fields of Daises

Chenoah owns the blog Fields of Daisies where you will find lots of FREE homeschooling resources, encouragement to families, devotionals, and her thoughts on living, loving, and learning together. Her passion is to show her readers what Jesus has so patiently taught her along the way, and uses it to encourage other families who might be struggling.

Check out her article on Mercy and follow her on Facebook!

22. The Holy Mess

Sara blogs at The Holy Mess where she helps busy women balance faith, family and healthy weight loss while keeping Christ at the center of our efforts.

Check out the Faith category on her blog! Follow her on Facebook. and Youtube!

23. Marked Life Blog

Hannah at Marked Life Blog is all about emotional healing, restoration, deliverance, Christian living, and motherhood!

Check out her new ebook, Through the Turbulence (Prayers from the Diary of a Broken Heart), and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

24. KeneeshaLiddie

Kenessha from KenesshaLiddie helps women grow in spiritual growth by drawing closer to God and pursuing godliness. Whether you’re a new believer, you’ve been saved but feel stuck, there is a place for you at her blog!

Check out her Spiritual Growth Guide and follow her on Instagram!

25. One Inspired Mum

Ufumoa blogs at One Inspired Mum that is all about encouraging mothers to embrace faith, hope, and God’s purpose for their motherhood journey.

Check out her article on How To Grow In Wisdom As A Mother and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

26. Peaches And Prayer

Jenna blogs at Peaches and Prayer, a crafty Christian blog that was designed to help women in their walk with Christ feel encouraged when they get overwhelmed or off course. She also shares about recipes and flipping houses!

Check out her article How To Put God First In Your Life and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

27. Woman Of Noble Character

Susan blogs at Woman Of Noble Character where she helps Christian women in growing closer to God and strengthening their marriages through Bible study, creative worship, and Christian lifestyle resources.

Check out her article on The Complete Proverbs 31 Woman. Follow her Instagram and Pinterest!

28. AllieScraps

AllieScraps is a scrapbooking and Bible journaling blog that loves to explore the intersection between faith and creativity!

Check out her 100 Days of Prayer Printable and follow her on Instagram!

29. Clothed With Dignity Co

Sacha blogs at Clothed At Dignity Co where she encourages women to be strong, honorable, and faithful to God. She also encourages people to wear their faith and clothe themselves with dignity with her small Christian apparel store.

Check out her free resource library and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!

30. Ladies Draw Nigh

Ladies Drawing Nigh encourages and equips women for a closer walk with God through free online Bible studies and Bible study resources. Their desire is to help women along their journey of faith. They want ladies to really know God in a closer fellowship with Him and be equipped to walk out His purposes for their lives, and in turn, make Him known to others.

Check out their Free Bible Studies and follow them on Pinterest and Facebook!

31. Keepers At Home

Keepers At Home is run by Marilyn and is for Christian Wives that are seeking to build a stronger marriage, as well as a closer relationship with God.

Check out her post on A Great Sex Life and follow her on Facebook!

32. Hello Sensible

Hello Sensible is run by Katy and is a blog for women seeking to live an intentional life for Christ. You’ll find tips and resources to help you grow in faith, family, and Christian living.

Check out her post on A Christian’s Guide To The Law Of Attraction and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

33. Above Rubies Or Pearls

Robyn at Above Rubies Or Pearls inspires women to live a virtuous lifestyle. She shares tips and inspiration for becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman in the areas of developing inner beauty, modest fashion, meal preparation, practicing hospitality, health & fitness, and living your faith through devotion, fellowship, and service.

Check out her article on 3 Routines For A Daughter of God and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

34. Follower By Faith

Nicole from Follower By Faith has daily devotionals, scripture references, and inspires women to live a Godly life.

Check out her article on Effective Exercise to Let Go of Bitterness and Forgive Today and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!

35. Mindful of Christ

Mindful of Christ is a blog by Lauren where she helps people in acceptance, overcoming their limiting beliefs and negative mindset, and grow in their personal life and faith all the while keeping God at the center.

Check out her book on Christian Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

36. Her Daily Bible

Candice runs the blog Her Daily Bible where she is passionate about helping women to live by faith in the Son of God by renewing their minds daily in the Word of God.

Check out her post Simple Bible Reading Plan For Beginners and follow her on Youtube!

best christian blogs

37. AllAroundJesus

Betty’s blog, AllAroundJesus is all about walking, talking, and living for Jesus! She hopes to challenge women to go deeper in their walk with God.

Check out her article on The Secret of Divine Speed and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

38. Lori Beth

Lori at Lori Beth blogs about faith-based topics for women such as self-esteem, relationships, temptation, purity, singleness, and how to grow in faith. She helps women who desire to grow in their relationship with God.

Check out her article on Overcoming The Pain of Rejection and follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!

39. Lo Tanner

Alonda blogs at Lo Tanner where she helps women new to church or fresh to Bible study, study the Bible and exchange cultural norms for Christ-like living.

Check out her free Bible Study Key and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

40. Inspired and Refreshed

Sally from Inspired and Refreshed helps women connect creatively with God’s Word. She helps find fun and simple ways to help her readers have a fulfilling spiritual journey on their own or with friends.

Check out her Resources To Help You Thrive and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

41. Coffee With Starla

Starla from Coffee With Starla helps to encourage Christian women going through hard times. Her blog is a place to find hope over coffee and Bible study.

Check out her post on how Feelings Are Not Facts: Living By Faith and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

42. The Merry Momma

Lisa’s blog, The Merry Momma was created to encourage, inspire, and support moms to embrace their season of motherhood with peace, joy, and intention. Through a combination of practical tips, heartfelt advice, and personal stories of lessons learned, she helps moms become who God uniquely created them to be!

Check out how she can help you in your journey here, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

43. Pray With Confidence

Jessie blogs at Praywithconfidence and helps busy Christian women overcome prayer obstacles. PWC is a team of 35+ writers from all over the world at all stages in life, united in prayer to help educate and inspire women to pray!

Check out her post, Stepping out in faith and follow her on Facebook!

44. Sharing Life and Love

At Sharing Life and Love, Michele helps Christian women reach their goals and improve their relationship with God using everyday solutions and practical advice. Her goal is to encourage people to succeed and increase the level of happiness they have in their lives by showing them ways to improve not only their lives but their faith and their volunteerism with the right opportunities. She shares printables, tools, how-to guides, hints, tips, free resources, and other valuable resources!

Check out her post on How To Pray For Beginners and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

45. Daily She Pursues

Daily She Pursues is run by Shante and her mission is to help women learn how to pursue the heart of God by studying his word, spending time in prayer, and committing to a daily walk with the Lord. Our heart is to always point our readers back to Jesus through each of our articles, bible studies, devotionals, social media content, and newsletters.

Check out her post on How To Study The Bible and follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

45. Busy Blessed Women

AnnMarie from BusyBlessedWomen is a Christian blog that has weekly Bible studies and devotionals to help you navigate your busy life with encouragement and hope!

Check out her Resources page and follow her on Facebook and Pinterest!

46. Traces Of Faith

Traces of Faith is run by Traci where she has created a community of Christian brothers and sisters at tracesoffaith. At Tracesoffaith, they strive to listen and learn to understand, rather than assume and argue to prove our point. They want more of Jesus, and are convinced we’ll find Him together.

Check out her post I Am A Reformer and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

46. Diana2Rockwell

Diana writes from her life experiences to encourage women to walk with the Lord. Her goal is for women to know they are free in Christ Jesus.

Check out her post Who Am I In Christ and follow her on Facebook and Twitter!

WOW! How inspirational and incredible! These are some of the best Christian blogs by women I have come across and I am so, so very excited to share them all with you. Make sure to save, share, and bookmark this page! We are all in this walk with God together and how incredible that we can walk alongside each other!

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