10 Christian Hip Hop Songs That Will Touch Your Heart

christian hip hop songs

Have you ever listened to a song that just moved you and rocked your soul?! Well, I hope I am about to introduce you to some songs that do that for me. When my husband and I made the decision to cut out secular music and strictly listen to Christian music, we truly have come across some gems! I want to share some amazing Christian Hip Hop songs with you!

1. Dru Bex ft. Hyper Fenton – The Times

The first time I heard this song, I was blown away. You will probably notice that I will say this a lot, but I absolutely love the beat to this song! Not only is the beat great, but so is the message. (That’s going to be the case with every single song on this list, FYI!) When COVD-19 rocked the world, this song put a lot of things in perspective for me. The message of this song is so powerful!

Here’s my favorite parts of this Christian hip hop song!

[Verse 1: Hyper Fenton]
I remember growin' up in school
I was thinkin' that it would be cool
Instead of the life that I had
If I grew up bein' black
Maybe we wouldn't be so racist
If we all just traded places
Maybe we wouldn't be so blind
If we had each other's eyes
[Chorus: Dru Bex]
I've been on a mission, I've been on the grind
I don't wanna be a victim of the times
We're all goin' through things, please don't lose your minds
It's so hard to keep when you're living in the times
Living in the times, l-living in the times
We're all goin' through things, please don't lose your minds
It's so hard to keep when you're living in the times
No man is an island
Please believe, I've tried it
We ain't gon' last
If we don't look out for each other
If it isn't your mama's son
It could still be your brother
We all got the same Father
Doesn't matter your color
Sometimes we're too blind to see it
Just believe it
If He can dream it
We can dream it
We can achi-i-i-ieve it
I said it, I mean it

2. Justin Bieber – Where You Go I’ll Follow

I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it, and it has been on repeat since Easter weekend when this was released! Justin Bieber really did a great job with this EP. All of the songs on there are great and definitely worth a listen, but I made a strong connection with this particular song. The voices and the speaking part at the end are spectacular as well.

[Speaking at the end of the song]
Why? Why is there nobody like Jesus?
Hasn't billions of men and women lived on this planet?
But why, why are we convinced there's nobody like Jesus?
Was He not merely a teacher, a prophet
An exegeter, an explainer and yet we find ourselves in history wondering
"Is there anyone like Jesus?
Who is this Jesus?"
This Man from the Middle East who claims to be God
Is He God? Is He sinless? Is He perfection?
Is He the once and for all sacrifice for humanity?
Is He a man without fear?
Did He become sin so that you and I might become right in our relationship with God?
Is there nobody like Jesus?
Did He die between two criminals on the crucifixion?
Three days later, did He rise again as the grave empty?
Has He defeated death, Hell in the grave and sin itself?
If so, there is nobody like Jesus

I was literally going to paste the entire song lyrics because this is the most powerful part in my opinion. I love this part. What a great explanation of who Jesus is and why there is NO one like Him, ever! If you’re interested in reading the full lyrics, (which I highly suggest!) you can do so by clicking here!

3. Hyper Fenton & Moflow Music – Shake Hands

When my husband first introduced me to this song, needless to say, we were dancing! Not only does this song have an incredible message but the beat is so good, too!

[Verse 2]
I wonder how you feel like Christ when you're cooped up
Ain't the only one with laces that can loop up
Some of y'all say "I can hate if the group does"
Isn't that the same claim by the Ku Klux?
Jesus gave His life when He died for the ruthless
Three days then He raised like deuces
Lookin' at the devil's missed calls like "who's this?"
Appreciate the invite but it's useless
I ain't even trippin' on the town when they foolish
Don't see a point in houndin' the clueless
I see way more clowns than the students
You were given more rounds than you're usin'
I ain't even tryna settle down, I'm a tourist
'Til they put me in the ground with the tulips
I'ma tell you with my whole sound where the proof is
If you're aimin' for the truth, boy, then shoot this

4. Zauntee – God Taught Me

Zauntee is definitely a whole vibe at our house, an anthem in fact! My 6 year old loves him, well we all do, but this is one of the most requested songs by the kids! It has a feel-good tone and the message is great, as you can tell by the title of the song. He talks about how the things in his life, how he is, what he has, are all GOD, and not him. Powerful!

When they ask me how I did it I say, God taught me
When they ask me how I’m winning I say, God taught me
When they ask me why I’m different I say, God taught me
This my time to get it
God taught me

5. Social Club Misfits – God On My Side

This song is so good, and so is the message! (I told you I’d be saying that about every song!) These two are a great duo and their music always delivers! We can’t do things by ourselves because we won’t get very far. We really do need God for every aspect of our life!

[Verse 1: Marty]
I don't wanna see anything that's not You (No)
I won't even go, I don't care if that's rude
But I meant it though, yeah
I pray to God, He never let me go, yeah (Woo, woo)
You know how bad I get on my own, yeah
Driving in a V6, I don't need to take pics
I don't need, need to flex
Need God when I'm blessed, not just whеn I'm down
Wrote this to myself, can't do this alone, no
christian hip hop music

6. Spencer Kane & Nic D – Confidence

Okay, so I’m gonna say it again. The beat to this song is great but the message is even greater. There are people who are not going to like you. People who don’t like me. But you know what? God does! And when we gain the confidence because we have God on our side (see what I did there?) that is when we truly have confidence!

[Verse 1: Spencer Kane]
Spoke to God, told me "stay in the truth"
Patience wasn't lying by the fools
Focus, don't know rules again
But Jesus only wants a friend
My heart is dreaming cuz my dreams are really moving me
Screaming through these seasons cuz this change is nothing new to me
Remember when you told me in my life cuz you were ashamed of me?
Guess I'm more than what you thought of me
Bring the beat back

7. Evan & Eris – Be Alright (feat. Steven Malcolm)

The first time I heard this brother and sister duo, I was so impressed! Their voices are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, and you can tell that the Holy Spirit speaks right through them! This is one of my favorite songs by them!

[Verse 1: Evan Ford]
All I see is blessings
Got no time for stressin'
Don’t believe in failures in my life, it’s only lessons
They just making room for what I’m on now
I don’t got a clue but I know the One who does know how, oh wow
‎It’s like I’m learning a game with the Maker, I already know now
Destiny has my name know it’s coming it’ll never go out

[Chorus: Evan and Eris]
I know that we all gonna be alright
We gone make it through if it takes us all night
No matter what the odds may bring our way
I can see the blessings coming our way, yeah yeah yeah
Blessings on blessings, yeah
I can see the blessings coming our way (our way, our way)
Blessings on blessings, yeah
I can see the blessings coming our way

8. Cass – Sticks & Stones

Do you ever hear a song come on for the first time and you immediately have to know who it is? Like if you don’t find out who it is, you’re gonna go crazy? Well that was definitely me with this song! Cass’s voice is so unique and this song is just so, so good. I bet you can’t just listen to it one time!

Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But only You can make these bones come alive
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But only You can make these bones come alive
Only You can make these dry bones come alive

9. Uncle Reese – Until I Pass Out

My 12-year-old daughter is the one who found this song! (She was actually 11 at the time when she discovered it!) It’s one of my favorites. He speaks from the heart, and it’s real, and you can tell that. It just makes you want to let loose, and go crazy!

[Verse 1]
I truly understand what people may say
They believe to think how we think is far from okay
But I believe it’s never okay to abandon your dreams
And it just so happens that our dream is to lift up a holy king
See this is my life my choice and I choose to lift up my hands, And please don’t be alarmed if when the music comes on I begin to dance
And run across the room until I can barely catch my breath
And fall on the floor because I gave it all and have nothing left

See I’m gon worship until I pass out (there is no other option)
See I’m gon worship until I pass out (there is no other option)
Cause we go hard in the paint
Hard in the paint, we go hard in the paint when we worship 3x
Hard in the paint, hard in the paint, we go hard in the paint when we worship

10. V. Rose – I Love You So Much (ILYSM)

V. Rose’s music has so much passion and I love that. This song is one of my favorites from this album. It is yet another example of how God will ALWAYS be the One and He will ALWAYS be there lifting you up!

[Verse 1: V. Rose]
It's crazy, it's crazy
You have always been the one
That never left me
Never left me alone
You always loved me
Even when I was wrong
So Ima keep lifting you up
Cause up is just where you belong
Down here we got the palm trees
Many many many palm tree
Why they always throwing shade
So cold they got me wanting putting long sleeves
But I'm putting on the long sleeves
Cause I ain't gonna leave your love
And they can try to freeze me out
But they ain't gonna bring no doubt
No doubt nah nah
I know who I am
I know who you are
You're up when I'm down
Can't pull us apart
No matter what bad thing is happening you're looking after me

Whew! I hope you took note of these amazing Christian hip hop songs that will touch your heart. I recommend bookmarking this page, simply grabbing your notebook right now to write them down, or just pulling up your notes on your phone and writing these songs down!

Or, even better, you can listen to them right now on a playlist that I made, just for you! It’s on Apple Music. If for some reason this doesn’t work, I suggest you look up the songs manually and see for yourself just how amazing these Christian hip hop songs are. You won’t regret it!

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