6 Easy Tips For A Great Kids Summer Schedule (For The Busy Mom)

kids summer schedule

Summer is here, and for me, a busy mom of 5 who works full time, that means one thing. They still HAVE to be on a schedule! My kids need to be on a schedule for my sanity and for theirs.

Let me back up– Yes, they are on a schedule during the school year. However most days, we are usually running and scrambling throughout the day, and this is usually due to waking up late/not preparing well the night before.

However, I definitely do not want that to happen this summer! So we’re getting on a good schedule. This is not only going to help them, but it helps my sanity!

Here are some quick tips for a great kids summer schedule!

1- Plan It Out

The first thing you need to do when trying to figure out a schedule, is to plan. Think about your days now, and what they consist of. What are they lacking? What could, or should be added? These are really the first steps to figuring out a good kids summer schedule.

For instance, my kids have a PILE of clothes to go through! No, I’m not that mom that sits there and does it for them. (I have 5 kids, there’s no way….) So, I do help them but the older kids can sort and know what fits them and what doesn’t, of course with my approval. So for example, we will work on that a little bit every day this summer. It’s all about small steps!

So think of something that needs to be done, that wouldn’t ordinarily get done during the weekdays or weekends during the school year. We like to focus on deep cleaning and organization!

And, be creative with your new kids summer schedule. Your focus may not be on deep cleaning or organization like mine. Maybe your summer schedule includes popsicles every day, by the pool, and going to various parks! (Wow that sounds amazing!) But whatever it is that you’re planning, it will only help your child if you have them on a schedule! (And it will help your sanity for having it planned!)

2- Explain It

After you have a good idea of what your kids summer schedule looks like, explain it to them. Explain what you expect from them. For instance, our kids know that no fun comes before cleanliness or picking up after themselves. We aren’t strict by any means, but I grew up not cleaning anything and so needless to say, I do not want to pass that down to them, and neither does my husband.

We explain to them that the fun stuff comes after their daily duties are done, and with having more time during the summer, it’s also time to do a little deep cleaning and organizing (especially in their room-yikes!).

So, explain it to them! Tell them what you expect to happen.

kids summer schedule

3- Be Consistent

This is so, so huge. Being consistent is the key to everything. I once told my husband that the hardest thing was starting something and he said, “No, the hardest thing is sticking with it”, and I believe that is so very true. It may be hard to start something new, but it is even harder to stick to a plan, especially when it is something new and out of your comfort zone.

If one of your summer goals is to clean all of the doors, do a little bit at a time. It will happen! Don’t skip days. Just get it done! This can sometimes be my biggest problem.

If one of your summer goals it to go to the pool, make sure you plan accordingly, because you already KNOW that you’re going! So this gives no excuses to forget towels, sunscreen, or anything. My husband is always prepared, and even though I’m not on that level, I can still do smaller things to help me get on that level.

So whatever your goal or plan is for the summer, stick to it! Make it happen. If you need to do some extra research, or ask for help, then do that too!

4- Be Patient

Be patient with yourself as you try something new and implement an awesome kids’ summer schedule. This is different for them just as much as it is for you. Communicate with them and show them grace. This one can be hard for me! For example, right now I try to be patient during bed time. My 3 year old just wants to pay and all I’m trying to do is get her to bed, on time, so she gets enough rest. But sometimes I have to stop and take a minute and listen to her. Even if she wants water for the 5th time, I try to be patient. I do it with a smile, and it will get easier.

This is no different, really. Whatever you have planned, obviously is not the normal. So try and be patient! The reward is a happy mom, and happy babies!

5- Put It On Paper

You’re going to want to put your plan, thoughts, and ideas on paper! That vision in your head you just created of a great kids summer schedule? Put it on paper, and it will be even better if it is somewhere where they can see it!

This way, you can see it, think about it, talk about it, be reminded about it!

Your kids will love it too, and maybe they remind you 100x that they are supposed to go to the zoo one weekend…you’ll know that you’ve conquered making a plan and now you’re executing it! Your kids will also see that you’re setting goals, and you and I both know that is a good thing!

6- Pray

Tell God your plans, wants, needs, worries. Let Him know what your heart desires. Maybe it’s not time to take that vacation yet. Or, maybe it is time. But, God will let you know. Pray about your upcoming travels, and just your summer in general. You can’t carry your battles on your own, always remember that!

Also, are you looking for a great way to start off the summer with a great kids’ activity?! Check out this Butterfly Suncatcher from The Craft-At-Home Family!

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. Staying consistent, as you mentioned, has been one of my biggest struggles since becoming a momma but I’m also working hard on it it’s just nice to know I am not the only one who struggles.

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