How To Make Time For Prayer As A Busy Mom

prayer as a busy mom

If you have a bunch of kids like me, sometimes prayer and time with God can take a bit of a backseat. The truth is, we are all busy moms. But the truth also is that even though we are busy, we should still be seeking prayer as a busy mom!

Now, I’m not the perfect Christian and I will never claim to be. However, these tips are some of the things that help me, as a very busy mama of 5. These are some of the tips I have for you to make prayer as a busy mom a priority!

1- Add It To Your Morning Routine

Routines are so crucial for so many things in life! Most of our mornings are chaotic. Finding shoes, waiting for what seems like hours while the kids “use the bathroom”, my toddlers begging for Cocomelon or Baby Bus (when it’s only 6am).

It can get tough. However adding things, like prayer, to your morning routine will only be a benefit! For example, I like to pray before I get out of bed. It’s not a part of my routine yet, so this isn’t something I do every day.

I prefer to do mine throughout the day, and at night with my kids, but I love doing it in the mornings too.

So add prayer to your morning! Maybe you add it in while you’re brushing your teeth and hair. Just a few moments, you and God. Communicating! That is what it is about.

2- Don’t Make It Hard

Prayer as a busy mom does not have to be hard. You don’t really have to schedule a time to pray. You can pray wherever you are, any time throughout the day. Sometimes I look at my kids and husband and I’ll just pray silently. This is my favorite way to pray, though it’s not always the most intimate, mostly because I have so many other things going on around me all of the time.

But really, don’t make it hard. Just do it! Just show up for Him, like He does for us all of the time.

prayer as a busy mom

3- Include Your Kids In Prayer

Including your kids in prayer is a great way to get prayer in as a busy mom. You’re literally doing it with them! There is nothing better than that! You are setting the ULTIMATE example for them by being in prayer with them. And it will only benefit them!

Do this by praying around the same time every day. Morning, after breakfast, before it’s time to brush teeth, or before bed! Whenever you decide as a family what time works better for you.

Set those times aside to connect and they will also remind you about it, which is just another bonus! My favorite way to do this is right before tucking my toddlers into bed. All of the kids will crowd in the room and we’ll pray together.

4- Add It To Your Bedtime Routine

Very similar to adding it to your morning routine, add it to your bedtime routine as well. For instance, the last few things I do before I go to bed are brushing my hair and my teeth. If I try to lay down in bed without doing those things, it just feels weird because it’s already a part of my routine and so then I have to get up and go do them.

Adding it to either your morning or evening routine, (or both!) will only set you up for prayer success! You’ll get into the habit and it will become a part of each and every day!

5- Schedule It

So if you don’t want to try to remember on your own, go ahead and schedule it! Schedule it by:

  • Writing it down on a sticky note
  • Putting it on your mirror
  • Putting it on your notes on your phone
  • Writing it down in your notebook

Basically….wherever you will see it and be able to take action!

So remember these 5 things when you are making time for prayer as a busy mom:

  1. Add It To Your Morning Routine
  2. Don’t Make It Hard
  3. Include Your Kids In Prayer
  4. Add It To Your Evening Routine
  5. Schedule It

It’s so easy for a busy mom to forget to take the time to pray. Without prayer, we aren’t getting any closer to God. When we aren’t getting closer to God, that is when the devil tries to pull us in the most.

So take the time to pray. Include your husband, include your kids, do it by yourself. But just remember to do it!

Also, I created this prayer calendar just for you! It’s a super simple calendar that you can download and print out and use it for your prayer. You can use it in a few ways:

  • You Can Add Your Scripture Verses To The Day You’d Like To Do Them
  • You Can Mark Off The Days That You Make Time To Pray
  • You Can Add Family Bible Time

And there are so many other ways you could use it if you got creative! The goal here is for you grow in prayer and get closer to God! We busy mama’s need Him.

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How do you make time for prayer as a busy mom? I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. These are good tips. I love that you make it easy. It does not have to be slotted times set aside for prayer, but fit it into the nooks and crannies of a busy schedule!

  2. Love this post. I have a Bible app with devotionals that I set reminder on for reading and prayer time. I do it first thing in the morning, really sets up the tone of my day.
    Great tips.

  3. Great reminders.. I say a prayer to St Joseph each morning when I get in the car, and pray when I write three things I am grateful for each night… but I need to work on praying more with my kids together…beautiful post

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