5 Simple Ways To Connect To God When You’re A Busy Mom

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As a busy mom of 5, it can be really hard to set aside time to pray and connect with God. However, it’s important that no matter how busy we are, we take the time to really think about what connecting with God means. And, it will look different for everyone! The key is to find what works for you, and make sure you stick with it!

Here are 5 simple ways to connect to God especially when you’re a busy mom!

1- Attend Church

All of these things on this list are important, but this one is especially. I can’t even begin to describe how going to church has changed my life! When my husband and I were dating and when we were in the process of finding a church, I remember “settling”.

The first church we visited, I remember thinking the church was nice, the people were nice, but I didn’t really connect with the pastor and what he was saying. Then we checked out another church, that I really liked! I loved what the pastor said every Sunday, the people were also nice. Then we got a chance to check out another church.

I remember telling my husband that I was happy at the current church we were going to, but he wanted to check it out- especially after the high recommendation from his mom! So we went. And we all fell in love. With the people, the way the pastor spoke the Word of God so elegantly and REAL, and everything about it!

It became our church home very very quickly. I wanted to add this in because do not settle! Find your church HOME and it will be just that. A church family- and that is a great feeling. I am so happy we found our church we all look forward to attending every Sunday either in person or virtually.

So, find your church home, and attend. You will not regret that. And you will know your church home when you find it.

2- Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

It is so amazing to have people surrounding you who believe what you believe, and who are on the same page spiritually as you. This goes back to attending church and finding your church. The weekly get-together at church, all of the outside-of-church events, the community of it all, and the connection to God during every single interaction- nothing beats that. Surround yourself with people who have the same goal in mind- Living for the Lord and spending eternity with Him!

I believe that surrounding yourself with people who share your beliefs benefits not only you, but everyone around you. Your kids, Spouse, etc. It truly will shine through.

And this does not have to stop at church. It can extend to the people you invite into your home, as well as the homes you find yourself being invited to! No matter where you find yourself, surround yourself with like minded people.

3- Add God To Your Daily Conversations

This is such a great thing to try to do, in my opinion. How many times do you feel your emotions taking over in conversation? If we add God to more of our conversations, we will have less of us and our emotions and more of God in the conversations.

I know that is what I need in my life, how about you?

connect to god

4- Read Your Bible/Download The Bible App

Reading the Word is so important and honestly something I struggle with! I recently download the Bible app, and I absolutely loved it. There are so many things you can do with the app like lessons, Bible verse of the day, and so many other cool features.

You can even invite someone to do some of the lessons with you! It’s pretty awesome and my husband and I have done a few of them together that have presented with great conversation.

During Christmas, we did our annual advent calendar but, this time we added in children’s devotionals! It was SO amazing to talk about the Bible, learning about the people who came before us and what they went through, and in turn, learning something myself.

We downloaded the Bible app and it was amazing. Very wonderful for exactly what we were doing. Every day we spent about 20-30 talking about a story, what happened, why it happened, and what the result was. And do you know what the consensus was? What EVERY SINGLE story had in common? They all trusted the Lord and he provided! It was so wonderful to teach that to our kids, and I myself got a better understanding as to what that truly meant. It was very eye-opening for me as well as the kids!

You can also do all this from your phone if you don’t have a Bible!

5- Reflect Daily

This one for me is difficult. My weekdays are very busy. Not to make any excuses, but by the time I get off work, (I work full time), put the kids to bed, and do my normal daily household duties, I just want to relax. However, it’s important to still make time for God and prayer.

It’s so important to take that time to connect and give it all to God. As busy as my days are, even if I don’t get a chance to look at the Bible app, or do my devotional, I am constantly praying. It truly heals my soul.

Whatever reflecting daily looks like for you, do it, and do it knowing that He has your back.

Here is the list again, of simple things you can do to connect to God. Remember that God is always there with his arm extended. It is up to you to extend it back!

“Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Matthew 6:34 

  1. Attend church
  2. Surround yourself with likeminded people
  3. Add God to your daily conversations
  4. Read your Bible/download the Bible app
  5. Reflect daily

What is your favorite way to connect to God? Let me know in the comments!

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