10 Simple Ways To Teach Your Children How To Pray

child teach your children how to pray

If you are a Christian parent, then I can only assume that prayer is high up on your list of things to teach your child! Prayer is so important and I personally believe that it’s crucial to start teaching the power of prayer at an early age!

At times, as human beings, we sometimes feel like we don’t even have this prayer thing down. But the truth is, we can intentionally help our children have a healthy prayer life and that starts at a young age.

The Importance Of Teaching Kids To Pray

It is so important that as our kids are young, they learn the importance of prayer. Teaching our kids to pray at an early age is going to help them in their walk with God as they grow.

The important thing is that no matter if you’re slowly talking to them about it and introducing the idea, or maybe they just see you pray daily, they are definitely going to know the power of prayer!

And, that also means it will be that much easier to teach them!

How To Teach A Child How To Pray

There are many ways to teach your child how to pray. And the best part is that I bet these are things that you are possibly already doing, and if not, it won’t be that hard to start!

The key is to be repetitive. Children need repetition. So, don’t just do one of the things on this list and then stop! Keep going! You will see it pay off before your eyes!

1. Let Your Children See You Pray

Children are very observant. Children like to do what they see, regardless of what it is! That is just the nature of being a child. So, if your child sees you praying, that is going to pique their interest.

Your child will see you praying and will want to either be a part of it or be curious to ask questions. It’s the perfect time to invite them in firsthand.

2. Pray Together

The best way to teach your children how to pray is by actually doing it. Call them over and have them pray with you. Make it a routine. Make it a part of your routine.

Also, slide it in whenever possible.

An example of this is when my oldest daughter was little, probably around 4 or 5, and we saw an ambulance. I probably don’t remember it as well as my daughter does but we prayed for the ambulance together. She recently told me that every time she sees or hears an ambulance she prays for them.

I truly believe this is because of a moment we had when she was younger. Kids will see what you do and do it! (This is a hard lesson to learn!)

3. Read Scripture Together

Another great way to teach your children how to pray is by reading the scripture together. There are so many Bible books out there for kids of all ages!

This is also especially good if your child isn’t sure what to pray about. Just pray the scripture, and the rest will follow and flow for them!

4. Encourage Your Children

We all need encouragement! Encourage your child to pray. Don’t push too hard, but let them know that you are here for them if they want to do it together, if they just want to talk about it or if they have any questions.

Sometimes we all need that extra push! (Because you know, as moms, we tend to give a little more than just an extra push!)

5. Set Time Aside For Prayer

Whether you do it at bedtime or just when it happens to come up, make time for prayer with your kids. It’s important that we make time even when we are busy, which I know firsthand how hard that can be.

teach your children how to pray

6. Start Early

Starting early to teach your children how to pray is one of the best things you can do. My husband and I start as newborns, basically. We pray over bottles and as they enter toddlerhood, we start praying over meals and as they get even more into toddlerhood, we start praying whenever the opportunity rises together.

Starting early will only be a benefit!

7. Start With Learning Easy Scriptures

I am sure there are Bible verses you can say off of the top of your head right now that you have known for a while!

It is easy to start with a short verse for a toddler! Here are some simple and short Bible verses to teach your toddler:

“For I can do everything through Christ,[a] who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13 NLT

“We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:9 NLT

“And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5 NLT

“Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” Ephesians 4:32 NLT

“The Lord is my shepherd, I have all I need” Psalm 23:1 NLT

Keeping it simple will help them retain it faster!

8. Avoid Praying At Only Certain Times

Don’t only just pray before meals and bedtime (which I can admit, I’ve totally fallen into that trap as a busy mom!) But pray about everything, at any time!

We definitely pray before bedtime and before meals, but it’s important to include prayer at other times of the day, too!

9. Be Supportive

Learning is hard! Sometimes toddlers get frustrated when they’re learning things and they don’t quite have a handle on it yet. Just be patient, be kind, and supportive!

10. Pray For Guidance

You are doing amazing things by wanting to teach your kids how to pray! Pray over guidance for yourself!

As busy moms, we sometimes forget to pray for ourselves. So pray for guidance and God will lead you in the right direction!

Resources For Teaching Kids How To Pray

There are many resources available for you and your children when it comes to making prayer a priority in your family life!

Including prayer in your child’s life is an amazing incredible thing that we have the privilege as parents to do!

Here are some resources that will help magnify your child’s prayer life!

How To Start A Kids Prayer Journal

Creative Ideas For Teaching Kids How To Pray

What is your favorite way to teach your children prayers? I’d love to know!

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