8 Simple Ways To Teach Your Toddler About God

teach toddler about god praying hands over bible

As a Christian mama, do you ever wonder how to teach your toddler about God? As mothers, it’s our job and privilege to teach them, and there are so many ways to teach your toddler about Jesus. The best part is you can totally start from the moment they’re very small!

Babies may be small but they are very smart and they catch on quickly Showing them some of these things that we’re about to get into at an early age will only help them know Jesus as they grow older!

Why Should We Teach Our Toddler About God?

So you may be asking yourself, “but they’re just a toddler!”

What really is the importance of teaching a toddler about Jesus?

I know from my own experiences (not just with the Bible either but with MANY things in my life), that teaching children something, when they are young, is when things stick.

Kids are so smart. Teaching them young is training them for when they grow older.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 NLT

Here are some simple ways to teach your toddler about God!

1. Read Your Favorite Bible Verse Frequently

One of the ways that most people learn, especially babies, is by repetition (and your child is going to need a lot of it).

By saying a certain Bible verse frequently, they are going to pick it up. They are going to remember it. When they get older, they’ll know it so well and will be able to repeat it and tell others!

2. Admit When You Make A Mistake

One of the coolest things we can do as a Christian parent is admitting when we are wrong. Most people don’t admit when they are wrong. But it’s important as children of God and as humans, to admit when we are wrong.

It is so powerful when we show our kids that we are wrong too, and that we always need God. We can tell our children how Jesus forgives us when we make mistakes, just like He forgives them!

3. Pray Together Often

Praying together is a great way to lead by example and teach your toddler about God. It’s a great way for them to know what it means to pray. You can show them gestures with your hands on theirs, and they will catch on quickly.

This can mean:

  • Praying before leaving the house
  • Praying before meals
  • Praying when we feel sad
  • Praying when we feel happy
  • Praying before bedtime
  • Praying for family
  • Praying for friends
  • Praying whenever the occasion calls for it

And so many other ways that we can pray! And pray often!

Prayer can open up so many conversations, and your toddler will have questions. It’s a great way to introduce them to God more and more each time you pray!

4. Bring God Into Situations

You may think this is silly for a toddler, but it’s not! Whenever you see an opportunity to bring God into situations, take it!

It will look different every time and that is the beauty of showing your toddler God in every situation.

For example, say siblings are arguing. Even saying “We can be kind like Jesus”, is bringing God into the situation!

teach toddler about god praying hands

5. Bring God Into Conversations

Just as we bring God into every situation, we can bring him into our conversation, too!

Any time we can bring up a Bible verse or a story from the Bible, we should do so!

6. Attend Church Regularly

A great way to show your toddler about God, and set an amazing example is by attending church regularly! Not only does it show a great routine, but it is a great way to show them the power of God.

Worship is a great way to teach your toddler about God. They will see you singing, raising your hands to the Lord, dancing, and doing all of those things. They will see you and they will start to do those things, too!

And trust me…when you see your toddler wave their little hands in the air without any help from…it’s a great feeling.

Attending church is a great way for your family to connect with other believers and having your kids grow up going to church will only make their time with God and their prayer life more solid!

7. Have Your Toddler Attend Sunday School

One of the great things about Sunday school is all of the amazing things that they do!

Of course, each Sunday school is going to be different.

Our church has worship time of their own, praying, coloring, crafts, snacks, among so many other fun things.

Having your toddler attend Sunday school is a great way for them to hear about God, and be with kids as they are learning, too! It’s a great way for them to make friends, and have fun and worship God!

8. Attend A Christian School

There are a lot of benefits of attending a Christian school, and of course a huge one is having teachers who are also Christians. There is something so special about believers coming together.

As I said about Sunday school, each school is going to be different and that is no different with a Christian school.

For example, the Christian school that our toddlers go to they have prayer in the mornings over the announcements, they have chapel on Wednesdays where they go and dance and worship, and they are constantly praying, talking about God and following Christian values throughout their day.

Having your toddler in this type of environment is only going to benefit them, and you, and the family!

Having that special time set aside during the school day with their teacher and classmates is so important.

Final thoughts on teaching your toddler about God

There are so many things we can do each day to introduce our toddler to who God is. Some of the things on this list require a real commitment from you as their mom, and others are simple things you can do right at home at any time.

Let me know your favorite way to show and tell your toddlers all about God!

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